About Work

Giulio Zanchetta

I have always been passionate about the world of technology and its fast evolution, in high school I enrolled in a computer field of study that gave me the foundations of logical programming that grant me to learn with more ease different languages that I still use. During high school with a group of friends we decided to create a great country event, the good results made us think we could do things even bigger. At this point someone had to take care of the graphic and I decided to propose myself, so, I started looking at guides and tutorials on how to use programs like photoshop and illustrator to create posters and flyers and premiere and after effects to create awesome videos; This took me so much that before enrolling in CS university I decided to do a specialization course in graphics design and advertising that allowed me to improve with the Adobe suite and the phases of the creation of each graphic project.


Computer Engineering 2016 - Now

Where I learned all the basics for all fields of programming. Here I studied the languages Java, C, Python and Assembly. And I had made some cool projects as well.

Graphic Specialization 2015 - 2016

After a long time as an autodidact I decided to take some lessons from more experienced people than me who gave me more confidence with the Adobe suite and the design development.

ITC w/ Informatics specialization2011 - 2015

Where I learned the basics of the VB .NET language and the use of software applications for the management of the information system. Besides, thanks to a school project, I could take part in an in-depth photography course.


Freelance 2015 - 2020

I have done some graphic projects as freelancer in the last 2 years such as logos, websites, posters, brochures and photoshoots.

Stage at CAAF CGIL 2015 - 2016

Here I worked as an accounting assistant with the task of filling several forms including budget, F24 and pay slips.

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Contact me at zank@outlook.it